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Highest Certified Dive Center in the Dominican Republic
the marina in casa de campo

Uwescuba is the resident dive operator for the upmarket resort Casa de Campo, La Romana

About Uwescuba Dive Center in Bayahibe & La Romana

We are a small, for individual and exceptional diving designed diving school. We offer everything that other dive schools may not want to offer or simply not allowed to offer. After over 30 years in the diving industry and working in the world’s oceans, we have repeatedly found -and also seen- that divers want more individual attention. That is, no big groups, respond to specific needs, sometimes stay longer under water, or try something else without making a course. All that we have taken to heart and built our diving school accordingly. We go with groups of 1 to max. 6 divers into the water. All dives are conducted by highly experienced instructors who know all the dive sites. We have no fixed diving schedules. These are newly defined according to the wishes of the guests individually for each day. So, you can enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

Excellent Instructor Awards from TDI

Our dive sites are probably other as that of the other dive schools. We have worked with Uwe Rath, pioneer of diving here in the Dominican Republic, an instructor in the team who knows dive sites here in over 20 years, where other dive schools with new or inexperienced instructors or dive guides have no idea about the existence of these places. Uwescuba Dive Center is also the only training center of Technical Diving International here in the Dominican Republic. Our diving guests have of course always the possibility to sniff sometimes into technical diving. For those who already have experience in technical diving, but perhaps want to learn more, Uwescuba is the best address. We offer all the technical courses of TDI and PADI Tec Rec to instructor level. Our instructors, Uwe Rath and Janine Bryner were both awarded with the Excellent Instructor Award from TDI. What you want more!

“A textbook is well and good, but what is the best book if the instructor has no experience in what he is teaching.” Uwe Rath

Specialities: Wreck and Cave Diving

Uwe Rath himself, with more than 30 years diving experience is one of the most highly-trained instructors in the Dominican Republic. As a PADI Tec Rec and TDI Instructor Trainer his focus is the training of technical divers in the area of Deep, Wreck and Cave diving. Here he can pass on the knowledge he has acquired from his long-standing collaboration with well-known wreck and cave divers John Chatterton, Jill Heinerth, Curt Bowen, Steve Lewis and many others.

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Our Team

Uwe Rath

Uwe Rath

Uwe Rath is the highest certified Instructor in the Dominican Republic.

He started diving in 1982. He continued his open water training through the PADI system. In 1990 he got qualified as a PADI Instructor and began teaching full time and working his way up to PADI Master Instructor. After two years of traveling around the world he moved from Egypt to the Dominican Republic in 1992. Here quickly he became an early pioneer in cave diving on this beautiful Island. You can ask him anything about caves or ocean diving here in the Dominican Republic.

During this period he began developing his Technical Diving skills through training with SDI /TDI and after a couple of years he was able to teach what ever the customer needs and likes in diving and technical diving.

Uwe is a PADI Master Instructor, PADI Tec Rec Instructor Trainer, CMAS 3 Star Instructor, SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI- Full Cave Instructor, TDI Instructor Trainer and Rebreather Instructor. But caves are his true passion, having discovered and explored the largest cave system on the island, as well as discovering and naming numerous others. He was leading or consulted together with Jill Heinerth, Lamar Hires, Curt Bowen and others, many cave expeditions though and out the country.

In 2006 he got involved in organizing one of the first Rebreather Events and in 2007 he had the opportunity to organize together with Wreck Diver Magazine, John Chatterton the first Wreck and Tech Event in the Dominican Republic.

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Janine Bryner

Janine Bryner

Janine, the woman in Uwescuba Dive Center comes from Zurich, Switzerland.

As a trained registered nurse, she is not only the heart and soul of the company, she also can help in small health inconveniences.

After here education, she start traveling and began to explore the big wide world. 10 years ago in Australia she came the first time in contact with diving. The diving spirit had taken over and in combination with trips and scuba diving she quickly climbed up the ladder to Dive Master. She visited Countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, South Africa and South and Central America countries like Ecuador, Peru, the Galapagos, Costa Rica and many more. At the end she arrived in the Dominican Republic, where she works to today as a diving instructor.

In the Caribbean she started here new passion, technical diving. Today Janine is not only PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and PADI Tec Rec Deep Instructor. She is also PADI Tec Rec Sidemount Instructor, TDI Deco Procedure Instructor and Intro to Cave Instructor.

Janine loves photography. If she can make it she go�s with here camera to get good pictures for here guests.

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Our Facilities

The Dive Center


The Perfect Base for a High Quality Operation

Located in the Marina Casa de Campo and Bayahibe on the south coast of the Dominican Republic close to La Romana. Our Dive Center is designed and equipped for sport and technical diving.

We offer diving courses by PADI guidelines from beginner to assistant instructor. In technical diving we teach courses from TDI and PADI Tec Rec. Here we offer the complete range up to highly qualified technical instructors. Uwescuba Dive Center is the only official TDI and PADI Tec Rec Training Center with its own Technical Course Director Uwe Rath in the Dominican Republic. Instructor Courses are held every month. Ask for more information.

For all our guests they are planning no vacation in the Casa de Campo, Uwescuba also offers diving from Bayahibe town. When you reserve with us we will have a free pick up from the following hotels: Viva Dominicus Palace, Viva, Iberostar, Catalonia, Belive Canoa and Dreams La Romana.

Pick up from hotels in Punta Cana and Bavaro is also possible.

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Uwescuba Dive Center Boats in the Dominican Republic.

boats casa de campo

Fully Outfitted!

Having the right boat for the right ocean conditions and group size is very important for scuba divers. All of our scuba diving boats have been outfitted to suit the needs of both experienced divers and those that have come to learn to scuba dive in the Dominican Republic.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you will honest, complete and detailed information about diving in the Dominican Republic and the country in general. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question you have. We are happy to reply.


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