Cave Diving Dominican Republic

"Caves are my true passion, I have discovered and explored the largest cave systems on the island"
cave diving dominican republic

Cave diving in the Dominican Republic

Cave diving worldwide and -with us- in the Dominican Republic is without a doubt one of the most fascinating special fields of diving. But however this activity requires solid and respectable training.

In my early days here in the Dominican Republic in 1992 only two small cave systems were known. One was the cave El Dudu in the North of the island and near the Santo Domingo airport, there was the cave El Tildo.

In this time dive centers focused more on the normal diving and courses instead of cave diving. This changed a little in 1995 when the Taino Cave near Santo Domingo got explored and opened the doors for normal divers. Diving in caves in the Dominican Republic became a new attraction and was offered by every dive school in the south.

The first real explorations

But the real searching and exploring from cave systems was still something rear. The reason was quite simple. None of the instructors or divers was trained for cave diving. The divers and instructors were entering the cave systems with normal diving equipment and in this time the available lamps systems had very low battery times.

That changed when I started my diving school in Barahona in 1999. I spoke with the locals, they told me that near the border to Haiti there were small lakes which had formerly served the Taino Indians as a drinking water supply. They called these lakes "Pozo's". So we made our way to look at this Pozo's once. Not with the thought of caves, but more with the idea maybe to find old Taino artifacts.

The find of these holes was very stressful and required a hike with diving equipment through a cactus jungle. But the clear blue water made up for everything. We found no Taino artifacts, but instead entrances to large cave systems.

Exploring the South Coast

The year 1999 saw the start of exploring cave systems on the south coast of the Dominican Republic. In this time we found and explored Pozo La Picina, Pozo La Hicotea, Palo de Luz as well as biggest system on the island called El Asfalto.

In 2000 together with American cave diver, Lamar Hires we organized the first cave expedition and later with Jill Heinerth and Curt Bowen. This was also the time where I thought it necessary to expand my knowledge of cave diving and make courses for it. At that time I was the only Cave Diver in the country with a Full Cave Diver certification made in the USA.

The caves discoveries were of course published and always more cave divers and researchers come to visit the Dominican Republic.

Discovered Cave Systems today

Today we have cave systems distributed throughout the island. If you add up everything, then it will already be over a hundred various caves.

However, the cave diving here is not as easy like in Mexico or Florida. The Dominican Republic cave systems are in fairly rough terrain. This needs to achieve in part several days of preparation and a lot of logistics. Divers, who not have at least a AOW Brevet (or an equivalent) and at least 100 dives in the log, they not start to think about, to do Cave Diving. (This is my personal idea about experience).

Cave Dive Course is necessary

The Dominican Republic offers beautiful Cave systems. But most of these systems are only accessible for experienced and certified cave divers. When you like to learn real Cave Diving or when you need more information check out our Cave Diving Courses.

In the end everybody is responsible for things he is doing, but remember always:

�Any one could enter a cave ... But only the trained Cave Diver knows how to exit�

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Cave Diving Excursions

Cave Diving in Padre Nuestro

Caves in Bayahibe are very close to our Diving School in the national park of the east. In this national park we still have some unexplored cave systems, which are valid to find and investigate. Our two most well-known systems in the area around Bayahibe are the caves.

Padre Nuestro and El Chicho

El Chicho is for the not so experienced cave diver the easier system. This cave is not only interesting for cave divers. The incredible cavern part with the big lake is for everybody worth to see the entrance with some Taino painting and the large cave lake invites everybody for a swim in the cool water.

But caution!!! The descent and also the ascent back to the cave entrance are not easy for weak leg muscles and already not, when you have to carry diving equipment.

mysterious cave exploring

Our cave divers get a big surprise!

After leaving the daylight area (Cavern) we come into a very broad tunnel with beautiful Stalactite and Stalagmite formations. The crystal-clear fresh water with a maximum depth of only 10m, makes this dive unforgettable for everybody. After a 50min dive time we are back in our cavern part and we have to climb up to the entrance to reach our parking lot. All our caves around Bayahibe are used by the hotels and the village as a fresh water supply, so you will find large pipes and pumps in some of the caves.

Uwe Rath and Janine Bryner will be your instructors
Our Cave Dives or Courses are with Uwe Rath and / or Janine Bryner. Uwe is one of the only two existing Cave Diving Instructor Trainers and Examiners in the Dominican Republic. On his last expedition together with the Advanced Diver Magazine around Bayahibe he discovered new Cave systems with some big surprises in there. Go to the news section and read what they found.

Cave Diving Prices

dominican republic cave dive sites
Cave DivesPrices per diver
1 Cave Dive, BayahibeUS$ 110
2 Cave Dives, BayahibeUS$ 170
2 Cave Dives, Santo Domingo*US$ 250
* Min of 2 Divers
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Cave Diving Sites

LocationNames Caves
Santo DomingoCueva Taina, La Roca, El Tildo, Jardin Oriental, El Hipodromo, Cueva del Indio, Los Tres Ojos, Kilometro 14, Mainagua
Santo Domingo EastSan Isidro, Bayuan, Manantial Embajador
Provinzia AltagraciaHoyo de Molina 1 + 2, Hoyo de las Flores, Laguna Pepe, Pozo Guacara, Pozo Azul, Hoyo del Vivo, Hoyo Azul, Hoyo del Mon, Hoyo de Dona Dulce, Hoyo Vicente, Hoyo de Tola, Hoyo de las Avispas
BayahibePadre Nuestro, La Lechuza, El Chicho, La Jeringa, El Toro and Manantial La Oculta (gesclossen), La Aleta
North CoastEl Dudu, El Arbol, El Pantano, Cueva de Ganme, Kite Beach Sea Caves, Cueva De Los Murcielagos, Cueva Crystal, Pozo de los Caballos, Cueva de Lily, El Limon, Fronton, Pozo Amarillo, Perla Marina
West CoastPozo La Picina, Pozo La Hicotea, Palo de Luz, El Aspalto, Trou Nicolas, Quinta Dimension, Marasata, Manglares, Pozo Trujin, El Pozo Mon Desir, Los Bolos, Pelegrin, Aqua de Din
East CoastEl Toro, El Toro 2, Olegs Bat house, Hoyo
Hato MayorCueva Fun Fun, Jurassic Park, El Coco Negro
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Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you will honest, complete and detailed information about diving in the Dominican Republic and the country in general. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question you have. We are happy to reply.


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