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"Caves are my true passion, I have discovered
and explored a lot of cave systems on the island"

Cave diving worldwide and -with us- in the Dominican Republic is without a doubt one of the most fascinating special fields of diving. But however this activity requires solid and respectable training.

The Dominican Republic offers beautiful Cave systems. But most of these systems are only accessible for experienced and certified cave divers.
When you like to learn real Cave Diving, or when you need more information check out our different Cave Diving Adventure pages.

Your awesome cave dive experience starts with a tailored program that fits your wishes and skills. Click on one of the boxes below to get started..

Go Cave Diving

Looking for an Adventure?
Join us on great cave diving excursions around the Dominican Republic.


Cave Dive Excursions

When you like to do something special, please let us know.

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Cave Diving Courses

Serious about cave diving?
Learn cave diving from an expert cave diver. From beginner to advanced courses.

cave courses

Cave Dive Courses

We will demonstrate and teach to you the ins-and-outs for secure cave diving around the globe.

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Cave Dive Adventures

Cave Divers full tour!!
Join our Cave Diving Week and get first-hand knowledge of a person who was there.

cave week

Cave Diving Week 

Live this adventure! 3 to 6-day journey's in the past - The mystery of the lost world of the Taino

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Uwescuba: Anything - Anywhere - Personal

Uwescuba - Cave Diving

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Uwescuba - guarantees:

  • Anything you want!
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