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Top 7 Caves we dive
in the Dominican Republic

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"Caves are my true passion, I have discovered
and explored the largest cave systems on the island"

Cave diving is the most dangerous (and exciting) of all scuba dive activities. Without proper training and guiding of an experienced local cave diver it quickly becomes a suicide mission.

I was the first 'full cave certified' diver in the Dominican Republic (2001) and with more than 3000 cave dives since I'm the most experienced.

History Channel and Animal Planet

Because of my cave experience I had some great adventures. I was crew diver on the Dominican cave expeditions of the well-known American series 'Deep Sea Detectives' with John Chatterton and Richie Kohler broadcasted on the History Channel (see vid above and more below). I was member of the archeological team that discovered the 'Lost World of the Caribbean Monkeys' hidden deep in a Dominican cave. Screened on Animal Planet. You can re-live some of these adventures ... Read on...

Cave Diving in the Dominican Republic: land of mystery and imagination!

Bayahibe is the place where scientists have found the oldest signs of human settlement in the Caribbean (4000 year old). Water-filled caves are the summon for archaeologists: mostly these caves are undisturbed and the anaerobic conditions preserve artifacts in almost their original state.

The Lost World of the Taino
In the National Park del Este - near Bayahibe- scientists have rediscovered a site -La Aleta- that might shed light to the mysterious disappearance of the Tainos people. Four ceremonial plazas surround a deep water filled cave holding tantalizing clues, incredible artifacts and mysterious drawings indicating a relatively large 'lost Taino city' was situated here.

Bones scattered around the area and in the cave might proof a tragic event that could have led to the abrupt vanishing of the Taino people in the area. Follow my journey on youtube -together with John Chatterton and Richie Kohler- to La Aleta in a quests to unravel the mystery of the 'lost world of the Taino'.

Dive into the history and secrets of Dominican Caves with us!

Your awesome cave dive experience starts with a tailored program that fits your wishes and skills. Booking can be done in 3 simple steps: create and forward your cave dive bucketlist, get a quote and proposal from us, discuss details like hotel pick ups etc. Click on one of the boxes below to get started..

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Looking for an Adventure?
Join me on great cave diving excursions to ancient and modern caves in our warm waters.

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We have some fixed bucketlist itineraries, but we can also go into the 'unknown' if you wish...

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Learn cave diving from an expert cave diver. From beginner to advanced courses.

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I will demonstrate and teach to you the ins-and-outs for secure cave diving around the globe.

Cave Dive Adventure

You like mystic and romance?
Join our Lost Taino World Week and get first-hand knowledge of a person who was there.

Lost world of the Taino - Click Here

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Re-live this adventure! A 7-day journey in the past: The mystery of the lost world of the Taino

When you like to learn real cave diving or when you need more information check out our Cave Diving Courses.

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