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Dive Courses with Uwescuba

Beginner or Advanced diver. We offer the complete training program

One can not describe in words what the underwater world in Bayahibe reveals to its visitors. The feeling of weightlessness and the awareness to dive into the mysterious element of water and to breathe will affect your future life in a lasting - and above all positive - way.
We from Uwescuba help you to get a look this new world - to know and to love.
We will not teach in big groups. We also offer 1: 1 courses.
The personal contact with the teacher is important for the learning success and the fun of the new hobby diving.

The minimum age to do courses is 10 years of age. All courses can be combined with our excursions. Courses offered in English, French and German.

PADI Dive Courses

The training system consists of standardized modules, which are divided into theory and practice. The theory is mainly taught in self-study as well as by diving instructors, while the practice is only taught by instructors in the swimming pool or in the limited open water as well as in open water. At the end of each course, a certification is issued (brevet), which is recognized worldwide.

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pool session

pool session

pool session

pool session

Beginner Courses:

Discover Scuba Diving
(DSD) is not a diving course, but an opportunity to learn about diving. At the beginning a video is shown, in which the most important thing about the diving is presented compactly. Alternatively, a brief introduction to diving by a dive instructor is provided. Then the student starts with a dive instructor in a swimming pool or a limited open water, where the main exercices  are shown to him in a maximum depth of six meters. Afterwards, an optional dive can take place in the open water at a maximum depth of 12 meters. 

Open Water Diver
The Open Water Diver Course (OWD) is a world-renowned beginner's course. Its modular design ensures that every diving instructor is taught a basic knowledge and skills. With five theory modules and the associated pool modules, the dive student is prepared for the four open water dives dives. Upon completion of the course, PADI will issue  card. The diving permit allows a diver to go with a dive partner,  independently plan and perform dives up to a recommended depth of 18 m.

Courses for Advanced Divers
Advanced Open Water Course
The Advanced Open Water Diver course is the continuation of the Open Water Diver course. While the basic skills and the handling of the diving equipment are in the foreground in the beginners course OWD, the diver's attention is directed to the diving environment in the AOWD course. The AOWD course consists of five different diving areas. Two of the dives are always U / W navigation and deep dives. The other three dives the diver can choose from the various special courses together with the instructor. Each of the five dives is are the first dive of the respective special course.

Rescue Diver
The PADI Rescue Diver course is the continuation of the Advanced Open Water Diver course. This course will teach you how to help divers in emergency or accident situations. This course draws a diver's attention to the situation of other divers.
Course Content:
Self-rescue and diving stress
Emergency management and equipment required
Dealing with a diver in panic
Proper procedure for emergency breathing in water
Diving accident scenarios
Practical exercises in the swimming pool or limited open water
Dives in the open water

Become Professional
The course Divemaster is the entry-level course for professional divers. This course already provides the complete diving theory, which is also required in the Instructor Development Course. A PADI Divemaster may assist the instructors in courses as far as they are allowed. If the divemaster has additional training and qualifications, he may teach some courses, either self-supervised or under supervision. Since the divemaster is trained to lead groups, he can work as a dive guide on a diving base.
Course Content:
Exercises in the water
Develop dive skills in demonstration quality
Tasks of a Divemaster
The programs that a divemaster can perform independently
12 Theory Lessons
Assistance to an instructor when working with diving students
Create an emergency plan
Create a dive map

PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent qualification
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent qualification
PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent qualification
PADI Emergency First Response course or a comparable first aid course with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), max. 2 years old
At least 40 logged dives at the beginning of the training
At least 60 logged dives when applying for certification
At least 18 years old

This list shows only a small selection of PADI courses. PADI also offers a large number of special courses. Please send us an email if you have questions for special courses.

  • We tech beginner courses
  • We teach advanced courses
  • We teach professional courses 

PADI Dive CoursesPrices per diver
Discover Scuba Diving       ( incl. 2 dives )US$ 190
Scuba DiverUS$ 375
Open Water DiverUS$ 599
Advanced Open WaterUS$ 445
PADI SpecialtiesOn request
Rescue DiverUS$ 645
Dive MasterUS$ 995
Assistant InstructorOn request


Starfish Starfish Starfish Starfish

SDI Dive Courses

SDI Scuba Discovery
The optimal entry into the diving. After a briefing you will discover with your instructors the fascination of the underwater world. You will realize how much fun this unrivaled experience is for you. Pool was yesterday today we go directly into the sea, starting in the shallow water, we will slowly increase and soon after our house reef. You will be impressed.

Open Water Scuba Diver Course
The first step towards independent diving. In this course, you will learn all the necessary knowledge and skills you need for relaxed and safe dives in 4 days. The course is composed of theory and daily 2 dives. From the first moment you will learn the beauty of the sea. In the beginning, you will be taken to our protected bay in small steps for diving. For the final 4 dives, we offer you the possibility to dive the large reefs outside the bay within a boat trip.
Upon completion of the course, you will receive a worldwide recognized certificate.

SDI Advanced Adventure Diver
This course offers you the opportunity to expand your diving skills. Practical further education is the main focus here. They complete 5 dives in different special areas. Navigation, as well as depth dives are mandatory components, the other 3 themes you can freely choose according to your preferences.

SDI Special Courses
With the SDI Specialized Courses, you can perform your skills in specific areas and develop your skills. For example, you can find out more about diving, navigation, deep, wreck diving, search and recovery, drift and others.

SDI Advanced Diver Development Program
The SDI Advanced Diver Development Program has been developed to help you become truly advanced divers. To be certified as an Advanced Diver, you must successfully complete 4 Special Courses.

SDI Rescue Diver course
In the SDI Rescue Diver course, you will expand both your theoretical and practical  skills to rescue divers.
Problem management is the focus here. You will develop your self-assurance and learn to respond competently to dive accidents. It is a very challenging course.

SDI Divemaster Course
The SDI Divemaster course is the first professional level. In this course, you will learn to assist an SDI dive instructor in diving training and assist other divers in dive planning. They will also develop group management skills to accompany beginners during underwater trips. You will bring your theoretical knowledge to a professional level.

  • We teach beginner courses
  • We teach advanced courses
  • We teach professional courses

PADI Dive CoursesPrices per diver
Discover Scuba DivingUS$ 120
Open Water DiverUS$470
Advanced Adventure DiverUS$ 430
Advanced Diver Development ProgramOn request
SDI SpecialtiesOn request
Rescue DiverUS$ 490
Dive MasterUS$ 800
Assistant InstructorOn request

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  • Customer oriented

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