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Divable Wrecks in the DR

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Most Popular
Bucketlist Dives

ancient ship wrecks dominican republic

  • Unnamed ship - 1535:
    the oldest shipwreck in the Caribbean with about 700 coins dating back from 1535.

  • La Concepcion - 1641:
    sank on the Silverbank, yielded more than $80 million in treasures.

  • Treasure Hunt - Wreck Lovers Special

  • Golden Fleece - 1688:
    ship of the legendary pirate Joseph Banister.

  • Quedagh Merchant - 1696:
    of famous pirate William Kidd sank just off Catalina Island.

  • Conde de Tolosa - 1724:
    This ship sunk in 1724 when it was hit by a hurricane and left to rest in Samana Bay.

  • Senora de Guadalupe - 1724:
    quicksilver galleon sank in Samana Bay.

  • The 'London' - 17?:
    A famous gun ship that sunk in the area at about the same period of time.

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