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Technical Diving

Uwescuba specializes in individual and technical diving in the Dominican Republic.

Deep Diving and Trimix Diving

Deep diving means the lowering of a certain depth of water during a dive. This depth is given to us by our associations. Here we see the differences between the sport diving associations and the technical diving associations. Sports divers associations attach the depth limit to 30 - 40 meters. The technical associations are somewhat more flexible with regard to diving with compressed air. Here the depth limit is still at 55 meters. For some divers, lowering the personal depth record is a deep dive. Others adhere to the non-uniform definitions of diving associations. There are some states where deep dives is legally established.

At Uwescuba we can do deep dives on request. These can be planned and made with normal air and trimix gases, the corresponding deco gases, as well as the corresponding certificates submitted.
These dives are, out of our normal dive planning and have to be planned a bit ahead of the mixing of the gases, the preparation of the dive planning and the entire dive logistics.
Our rates are inclusive:
Dive guides, lead, tanks with air filling
The dive sites are selected on the basis of the certification and the experience.
The price does not include:
Boat rental, trimix gases, deco gases, equipment. The costs of the Trimix Gases and the Deco Gas of the dive attendant are divided among the participating technical divers.
Ask for our detailed price list.


Technical DivesPrices per diver
Nitrox Dive
without Deco

Adv. Nitrox Dive
short Deco

Extended Range
Deep dive

Trimix Normoxic

Trimix Hypoxic
max. 40 m
US$ 45

max. 40 m
US$ 45

max. 55 m
US$ 65

max. 60 m
US$ 70

max. + 60 m
US$ 85
Price to rent the boat is minimum US$ 200
Minimum Divers 2



Before we go diving, we get to know each other, because the personal contact is important.

All Our Dives Include:

  • Transportation CdC, Bayahibe
  • Private dive guide
  • Soft drinks and water
  • Personal care

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