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"Wreck Diving is exciting, you will feel like a professional treasure hunter! "
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Wreck Diving Courses in the Dominican Republic

Wrecks are all over the place as far, wide and deep as you can imagine. Whether deliberately or accidently sunk, whether a watercraft, plane or a car resting down there in the profundities - wreck diving is an energizing and exciting part of scuba diving. Yet to do it right, you require preparation from an accomplished wreck instructor.

Certainly, you can again utilize the extraordinary course books that are given from the diving affiliations. Can a book provide for you with the knowledge and the strategies that you need to dive at numerous wrecks on the planet? Definitely not! You require an accomplished wreck educator to show you.

Uwe Rath, an experienced wreck diver has obtained his experience with the well-known American wreck divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler. He worked 3 years together with John Chatterton to search for old wrecks around the Dominican Republic. Has he discovered something ?? That is another story!

He went diving at wrecks like the Andrea Doria, USS Monitor, Spiegel Grove, Carolina, Oregon, and in addition the popular U Boat 869 off the bank of New Jersey. Likewise, different wrecks around the globe. This makes him a standout amongst the most accomplished wreck divers in the Dominican Republic. Experience wreck diving from an expert wreck diver. He will demonstrate to you the ins and outs to strive for secured wreck diving around the globe.

Advanced Wreck Diver

My rendition of Advanced Wreck Diver Training meets the greater part of the principles for the TDI Advanced Wreck Diver Certification Course. In any case, I like to go a little past the essentials and furnish students with extra preparation, knowledge, and understanding that I feel is paramount for divers entering wrecks. Students who effectively finish this course ought to have the capacity to effectively plan and prepare wreck dives, with emphasis on wreck penetration abilities and methods. The particular goals of this course are to prepare the students for the dangers of wreck diving, via preparing them in proper training, examination, and the utilization of gear.

The course comprises of three days of preparing and 6 certificate dives, two for every day.

This is not a tough training course, and we have a great deal of fun, yet divers need to be sensibly fit for specialized diving. In the meantime, this is a three day program where we cover a great deal of material, and put in some long days. As a rule, Day One is about gear, Day Two is about navigation, and Day Three is about penetration strategies. We do a considerable volume of work with the blackout mask, passing through restrictions, and using the tools of navigation.

In three days, we won't make you a master at wreck penetration, yet we offer you all the tools to keep on learning and obtain understanding past the time limitations of the course. The diving depths shall not surpass the level in which the student is currently qualified and experienced.

Wreck Diving Prices

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Wreck Dive CoursePrices per diver
Wreck Diver Advanced USD 690
* min. 2 Divers
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