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Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving with Uwescuba

Columbus discovered the Dominican Republic in 1492. Unfortunate mariners have been scattering shipwrecks around the island ever since. You can go diving on historic cannons and anchors from the 15th century or on artificial wrecks from today.

Whether purpose-sunk as an artificial reef for scuba divers, or lost as the result of an accident, wrecks are fascinating windows to the past. Ships, airplanes and even cars are fascinating to explore and usually teem with aquatic life.

Each wreck dive offers a chance for discovery, potentially unlocking a mystery or spying something others have missed. You can go diving on historic cannons and anchors from the15th century or on artificial wrecks from today. The depths are from very shallow water up to 50 to 60 Meters on our wreck Don Quiko in the Under water Nationalpark La Caleta.

Don't forget the wreck from the pirate Capt. Kidd that was found in 3 Meter water depth in front of Catalina Island. A perfect excursion place for snorkeling and diving. 

wreck diving bayahibe
sunken ship

sand divers on wreck
atlantic princess deck

Wreck Diving at Capt. William Kidd

Whether Captain Kidd was actually a pirate or not is controversial today. But one thing is clear - he and his crew took a huge freight ship in 1689, loaded with gold, silver and other treasures, the Quedagh Merchant. For centuries, treasure hunters have been behind the riches that Kidd and his crew captured at the time - at least where the ship has been left, now seems clear. The remains of an armed freighter are located at a three meters depth, about 25 meters off the coast of the island of Catalina. However, no gold and silver. A treasure is still to find, by the way - gold, silver and jewels are no longer on board.
What the researchers found under water are the parts of the ship, which were probably distributed as ballast in the loading area: several guns and anchors.
Historians now believe that Kidd's crew completely emptied the ship and set it on fire after the captain had set out for New York to clean his name.
Our excursion is suitable for divers and snorkelers.

Wreck DivePrice per diver
Capt. Kidd

minimum 6 persons for the excursion needed
US$ 90

Wreck Diving at St. George Wreck

Not far from Bayahibe, a 73-meter-long steel haulier, known as St. Georges Wreck (named after the famous Hurricane of 1998), is located at a depth of 18 to 44 meters. Over the underside divers can dive into the wreck and float through the large cargo spaces, which contain large sheet metal propellers, pumps, heaters and drives. Also three decks of the crew accommodation and the bridge can be explored. Since this freighter has been sunk for divers and the doors and hatches have been removed, it is also ideal for wreck dive beginners.

Wreck DivePrice per diver
St. GeorgePrice from Dive Package

Wreck Diving at Atlantic Princess Wreck

This wreck is great for Open Water divers who want to collect wreck experience, but also for advanced wreck divers. Many different fish have their home here. This is a great dive as it is a comfortable wreck. The ship is relatively open and can be mostly dived. The reef is not necessarily the nicest because of the proximity to the coast, but still has beautiful sponges and corals. If you dive wreck, or dive again in the wreck, then this is a wreck which you have to dive. You can find videos on our Uwescuba Facebook page of the Atlantic Princess.

Wreck DivePrice per diver
Atlantic PrincessPrice from Dive Package

Wreck Diving Special at La Caleta

Excursion for wreck diving in La Caleta
4 wrecks in 2 dives that only offers Uwescuba with its wreck special excursion.
The trip goes from Bayahibe to Boca Chica and there by boat in the
La Caleta / Underwater Park.
We start the first dive at the wreck of the El Limon boat in 18m water depth.
From there we dive to the UFO, a oil pump of an oil platform and further to the wreck of the legendary Hickory. The Hickory was the first ship of the treasure hunter Tracy Bowden.
She was sunk in La Caleta.
3 wrecks in one dive. This is something for wreck lovers.
On the way back we make another dive at the wreck of the Catuan another tug  boat which was sunk before Boca Chica.
Lunch at Boca Chica and back to Bayahibe.

The price for this excursion is USD 220 per person
The price includes transportation, 2 dives, lunch and soft drinks.

Wreck SpecialPrice per diver
La Caleta Wrecks

Minimum 3 divers
US$ 220

Wreck Diving at  Don Quiko

The dive for our tec divers. The wreck lies on a sandy surface in 60 meters water depth. Even reaching the wreck is worth seeing. You dive down to a depth of 16 meters and follow a 5 meter wide sand road into the depth. The contours of Don Quiko can be seen at around 40 meters.
The wreck sits upright on the sand and can be wonderfully circulated. If you're lucky, there are some Atlantic stingrays in the sand.
Due to the greater depth, corresponding deco stops are neccesary

Wreck DivePrice per diver
Don QuikoPrice on request


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